About Us

The founding partners of Lucilla Lavender Ltd are Anneke Driscoll and Lucilla Lavender (yes she really does exist!). Anneke and Lucilla combined their complementary skills to launch the company in 2008 and it has been growing steadily ever since. Anneke has many years’ production experience working for a major card publisher, and Lucilla is an award-winning brand design director who designs or art-directs all of our ranges.

Since launching 16 years ago, Lucilla Lavender Ltd have increased the number and range of artists that they work with to enable the creation of a very wide choice of ranges for retailers. Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for card retailers seeking to delight their customers with a card for every occasion and mood

We launch several new card ranges every year, as well as extensions to existing ranges, ensuring  that you can always order the freshest designs on the market directly from us. Click here to see examples of our latest ranges.

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On the left is a photo of the Lucilla Lavender Team.

On the front row are (L-R) Anneke Driscoll and Lucilla Lavender

On the back row are (L-R) Nina Bialoguski, Tania Pavlova and Samantha Fosbury


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